They really might like their customers!

I’m sitting at San Jose Airport waiting to board a JetBlue flight to New York for a week of fun, sun (well, snow), and excitement in Armonk and Somers. The weather in New York earlier today was not good, so the incoming flight was delayed, and therefore, my outbound flight was also delayed by about 90 minutes.

I took advantage of the delay to have lunch at home instead of bringing it for the plane (of course, that means I’ll be bringing dinner for the plane instead of eating it at JFK — I think I come out ahead anyway).

Clearing security today was no hassle (unlike two weeks ago, when it took about 45 minutes). And when I got to the gate, I was very surprised to see baskets full of snacks and drinks available for the taking — I’d never had an airline do that for a mere 90-minute delay. Especially a weather-related delay, which really was out of their control. I was impressed.

I’m beginning to think that JetBlue’s slogan, “we like you, too,” isn’t entirely puffery!