Home again

I have very little to write about today, but since I want to keep my string alive, I won’t let that stop me.

I’d ordered an XM radio for my Prius before Thanksgiving and had had it delivered to my office. I had hoped it would arrive before I left for my trip, but it didn’t (I shouldn’t have cheaped out with ground shipping), and so if I wanted to work on it this weekend (and I do), I had to make a trip to the office to pick it up. So that’s how I started my day.

Torah Study was a pleasure, as always, and even though the service was the “teaching service” for families of upcoming B’nai Mitzvah students, I enjoyed it.

After lunch, I watched the DVD that came with the Prius XM kit. Taking apart my car is a scary prospect, but the DVD makes it seem less scary. And this post on Priuschat suggests a way to do the job without taking the whole dash apart. Actually dealing with the radio will be tomorrow’s project.