All cleaned out!

Not really, but we’ve done all that we’re going to do; we shipped seven boxes out this afternoon (many to Diane’s dad — he thought he’d seen the last of the pillows in the attic…), and Jeff spent the entire day shredding papers. In the end, we’d filled up about six trash bags and a dozen bags of paper (half of which were the result of Jeff’s shredding efforts). There is still a ton (probably literally) of stuff that we left in the attic pending a decision by Diane’s brother (things like ancient oscilloscopes); we just know that we don’t want any of it.

We had lunch today with Diane’s childhood friend — who took us back to International Delight Cafe. The food was good, but I think their ice cream is better. We didn’t sample it today, though; instead, we went across the street to Ralph’s.

We also took Jeff comic shopping; the store he likes (Time Warp) had moved to a new location; I didn’t realize it, and drove to their previous location, only to find them gone without a trace. Luckily, I had their number in my phone, and they talked us in. I hope Jeff’s other favorite comic shop (Dave’s Comics in Richmond) hasn’t moved!

Tomorrow, we’re going to go tour Hofstra University (if they’re really open — it’s Spring Break), or at the very least go to the bookstore so that Diane can replace a rather old T-shirt. We also should be able to do some geocaching, I hope. And then, tomorrow afternoon, we’re off to Richmond to visit my family for Seder. But I bet we’ll hit Ralph’s one more time before we leave town.