Why is this night different from all other nights?

Tonight, we had Seder at my brother’s house; the company was good and the food was delicious. And in honor of the holiday, I am going to give my son the rest of today’s space, as he shares…

Jeff’s Four Passover Questions

On all other nights we don’t open the door because bugs will get in. Why on this night do we open it for someone we can’t see or expect to show up?

On all other nights we don’t sit around for a long time before dinner starts, instead being on the computer until it’s ready. Why on this night are we here so early?

On all other nights the TV’s on during dinner. Why on this night, why are we falling behind on our watching?

On all other nights when we are asked questions we just answer “fine,” no matter what it is or how many there are. Why on this night why do we only get asked four, which we don’t need to answer with any words?

Happy Passover!

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