Caching in the park

Today felt almost like a summer day in Richmond — warm and humid. But, if my memory serves me correctly, not nearly as hot nor as humid as true summer.

We started the day by going geocaching in Pouncey Tract Park along with my brother and nephew — there were at least three caches there, and we found two of them (the other has a difficulty rating of 4 out of 5; we weren’t the only ones to give up, though I intend to try it again sometime). We called it a morning just in time to beat the first few raindrops, too.

After that, Diane, Jeff, and I went over to my Mom’s house to help her get rid of a pile of obsolete paperwork (that seems to be a theme of this trip!). Unlike earlier this week at Diane’s dad’s house, Jeff didn’t have to man the shredder — instead, we collected several bagfuls of paper to bring to my brother for later destruction.

When it came time for dinner, we made a mistake, although we enjoyed dinner a lot. We went to Peking Restaurant on West Broad Street, where we had two kinds of tasty chicken, and then we had dessert at Celesti Gelati — again, tasty. The mistake wasn’t obvious until we arrived at ComedySportz, which, unlike ComedySportz San Jose, has a heavy emphasis on food — in fact, they have a one item per person minimum in addition to the admission charge. Fortunately, they sold bottled water (it was fortunate in another respect — the air conditioning wasn’t working), but if I’d realized that they served food and had a fairly broad menu, it would have been easier (and probably less caloric) to have eaten there.

The show was great fun; it was slightly different from the shows I’ve seen in San Jose (for one thing, the teams were larger: four people per team), and I’d happily return.

Then it was back to my Mom’s house for the last time on this trip…we stayed there through a thunderstorm, and now we’re back at my brother’s. Tomorrow, we’re off to Washington.