I feel so…common

We had our house reroofed this week, so I had to make sure that our TV antennas were still properly lined up. The only way to do that, of course, was to turn on the TV and watch something — and I needed to check both DirecTV and OTA.

So I spent the hour between 8 and 9 tonight flipping back and forth between “Deal or No Deal” on CNBC (DirecTV) and “American Idol” on KTVU-DT (OTA). I’d been introduced to both shows on our vacation trip East — “American Idol” at my brother’s house, and “Deal or No Deal” at the Omni Shoreham while I was alone in the room for a few minutes.

Of course, I could have just flipped through the channels and turned off the set, but I have to admit to being fascinated by both shows; I suspect “Deal or No Deal” would be far less interesting without the excitement-building music, though. And I could have done without most of the music on “American Idol”; I am clearly not in the target age group. One of the finalists, Elliot, is from Richmond, and so while I was there, I got indoctrinated into rooting for him, so after the show ended, I spent a while voting for him, too. I wonder how many votes they’d get if they used a 900 number?