Chapter 11

I’m going to take a leaf from Larry Lessig’s recent hint in Wired (found via the essential 43 Folders) and declare “blogging bankruptcy” for the events of the past couple of months.

There go the postings I was going to write on:

  • Kehillah’s first graduation (key word: participatory)
  • Our trip to Tucson (key word: hot!) to visit Diane’s Dad
  • Returning our rental to Phoenix Airport and waiting for the bus (key word: hot hot!)
  • Our initial experiences with a professional organizer (key word: bagsful)
  • My trip to Southbury, Connecticut, to be on IBM’s “Financial Education and Planning” panel (key word: watch out!)
  • The continuing saga of trying to sell Diane’s Dad’s house (key word: delay)
  • Jeff’s trip to ComedySportz improv theatre camp in LA (key word: different restaurants)
  • My hitting 30 years at IBM (key word: vested)
  • My colonoscopy (key word: Versed)
  • The great July heatwave (key word: hot hot hot!)

and even the posting I could have written about Diane’s trip to the ER this morning for vertigo and nausea (key word: she’s ok!).

And I’m sure there were other things I planned to write about or link to which will never resurface, even to this extent.

For all of these things, pardon me, forgive me, grant me atonement.

There. I feel better. See you again, probably sooner!