Of space and time

Today was a good day at work; one of my colleagues celebrated her 25th service anniversary with serious chocolate for all.  And I got another gigabyte of memory for my ThinkPad.  The memory, of course, was a small DIMM, packed in an appropriately-sized cardboard box, which, in turn was shipped in a 9x13x5 box.  Fortunately, instead of using foam or peanuts to pad the box, the company used Sealed Air’s inflatable padding, so there’s far less junk for me to deal with — but it still seemed all out of proportion.

And tonight at home, we had another organization session with Lisa.  At the end of nearly three hours, we’d filled three bags with stuff to be shredded (not to mention the few documents I shredded on the spot), as well as several bags of recycling.  And now there’s space in two of the drawers in our office — next time, we’ll try the other side.

I also went through the last of our diskettes, degaussing the few that had possibly interesting information, and putting the others (along with the degausser) in a bag to go to work for recycling or reuse there.  One of the guys in our stockroom takes things to RAFT on an occasional basis, which is one of the few places which can probably put diskettes to productive use these days.