Work is the curse of the blogging class

I barely got out of my chair today at work; I was nearly heads-down designing and coding enhancements for an upcoming project.  I didn’t even check my e-mail from noon till 5, which is almost unheard of.

But now I’m home, and the laptop is safely hidden away in my briefcase, at least until Sunday.  Good thing I have other computers.

Jeff’s at a party in Morgan Hill, and since he doesn’t drive yet, we had to schlep him.  So Diane and I took advantage of that to go to Rosy’s at the Beach, where she had Pepper-encrusted Salmon and I had Salmon Tacos.  We both enjoyed our meals; I’d go back cheerfully (in fact, we will be going back in a week and a half for my 30th service anniversary lunch, though that meal will probably be without beer or wine).