Niche programming, and I’m in the niche!

I’ve had XM Satellite Radio for a couple of years; there’s almost always something I want to hear, though sometimes I have to dig through a lot of garbage first. But at this time of year, finding that special something gets a bit harder, since they convert several channels to all-Christmas formats.

This year, though, they’re trying something different: Radio Hanukkah, XM 108, debuts tomorrow, the 25th of Kislev, and will play for eight nights and days.
It’s available online as well as over the satellite, and, as a special Hanukkah gift, the normal 3-day trial for XM Online will last through all 8 days of Hanukkah — use the not-very-secret promo code “TheChosen” on the trial signup form.

I can’t say that I’m likely to listen to it exclusively, but I do plan to give it a shot — some of the programming looks intriguing. A little Adam Sandler goes a long way, though….