Report Card Time

Jeff got his first semester report card today, and we’re all pretty happy about it.

I couldn’t help noticing one big difference between the kind of teacher feedback he gets from Kehillah and what he got from public school (especially since I found his middle school report cards this morning). Here’s a comment on today’s report card:

To say that Jeff has had a lot to do this semester would be an understatement. He plays three roles in Tartuffe, including the title role — this has been quite a task, but one I truly believed Jeff was up for. And he has not let me down (or anyone else, for that matter). His work is very good and he is doing things that show his growth as both an actor and a comedian. As he is the President of Mish-Mosh, this is a very cool thing….

Compare that to a typical comment from his public school report card:

Gd. beat; can dnc to it.