Lewis and Clark and NASFIC

We spent the morning at the Lewis and Clark National Trail Site One. I took a few photos with the iPhone and others with the real camera…those haven’t made it off the camera yet!

We also went hunting a geocache, but it was on the other side of a canal, and by the time that was clear, we were too hot and bothered to bother going for it. Fortunately, the interpretive center was well air-conditioned (other than the reconstruction of Camp Dubois, anyway).

Lunch was at Bandana’s BBQ near the convention center; it was perfectly OK. We have noticed a strong bias towards Pepsi products at restaurants here (we have yet to see Coke other than in cans), and that has forced Jeff into drinking water, which, imho, is a good thing. I rarely drink soda any more, so the Coke/Pepsi issue is immaterial to me.

Dessert was a chocolate frozen custard at Culver’s — quite tasty, and welcome on a hot day. So welcome, in fact, that we went back after dinner at Imo’s Pizza; I’d seen their ad in the hotel book and wondered what “St. Louis Style” pizza was. It’s pizza on an incredibly thin and crispy crust — interesting, but not as filling as I’m used to, hence the need for a second dessert in the same day (and yes, I am rationalizing).

Between meals, we hit three program items at the NASFIC and made a few runs through the huckster room. This is my first NASFIC; it’s clearly not a Worldcon, but it’s fun anyway.