Tweets from a trip to Tesla Vintners (Livermore)

The Northern California chapter of the Rensselaer Alumni Association sponsored a lunch and wine tasting at Tesla Vintners in Livermore. I tweeted mini-reviews via iPhone as I tasted:

  • started with “singing winemaker” Sherzando – nice and sweet, would be better with dessert than as the first sip of the day
  • Red Skye Sauvignon Blanc – nice, lots of body, long finish
  • Singing Winemaker Raspberry Sparkling – I could easily drink too much of this!

Then it was time for lunch. All I could eat was the pasta in Alfredo sauce and the bread, since everything else had pork, which was a shame, because there was a lovely garlic aroma that wasn’t in my food. But the wine and the tweets kept flowing:

  • Patty’s Passion goes well with pasta
  • Red Skye Chardonnay – good for a Chardonnay, unoaked, but not gonna make me a fan
  • Red Skye Zinfandel – smoky, would go nicely with beef. Long finish, nicely tannic.
  • Patty’s Passion is good without pasta, too – I think the trunk is going to be loaded on the way home. I’ll have to wait to be sure I’m not!
  • Singing Winemaker Framboise – good by itself, but even better with the chocolate tasting cup.
  • The “serving size” on the chocolate cups is 2 cups, but I’ll restrain myself

After the raffle (we didn’t win anything), we adjourned to the tasting room, the cash register, and home:

  • Con Amore port – tawny, 4 years barrel-aged, being released on the 19th…we shall return!
  • Home again, with a case of yummy wine (1 Raspberry Sparkling, 2 Sauvignon Blanc, 2 Sherzando, 2 Zinfandel, 4 Patty’s Passion, 1 Framboise)

Definitely a nice way to spend the day, and writing my notes via Twitter meant I didn’t have to worry about losing them! (Though I’m not sure they got posted in exactly the order I sent them, which is odd)

The most wonderful time of the year

Today’s Merc included Dave Barry’s annual Gift Guide. Naturally, I went straight to the Web to get the full, uncut version from the Miami Herald (but I am very grateful to the Merc for the reminder).

As always, the items were both frightening and entertaining…and I think I may buy one of them for the Seder table.

Quitting Guilt

I just finished reading The Modern Jewish Girl’s Guide to Guilt. As I’d said earlier, not all of the stories apply (or even appeal) to me, but the last one in the book, “Quitting Guilt” by Susan Shapiro really hit me.

Unlike Ms. Shapiro, I don’t have substance abuse problems — but I definitely need to do better at managing my own time and my commitments (both at home and at work). Sometimes, saying “no” is the right thing…even to oneself.

But should I see the movie?

Every year, San Jose Rep has a special “holiday” show — usually something light and frothy, such as The 1940’s Radio Hour. Today was our day for this year’s holiday show is This Wonderful Life, described as “Superbly adapted from the most irresistible and entertaining ‘what if’ story of all time.” But that didn’t really help me, because I’ve never seen the movie.

Still, we had the tickets, so we went. We even stayed for the after-show discussion with Timothy Near; she opened it by confessing that she’d only seen the movie once, and then she asked for a show of hands of those who’ve seen the movie — I’m not positive, but I suspect I was the only person not to have raised his hand.

I definitely enjoyed myself — Dan Hiatt is a very good actor, and the play is self-contained. But whether I ever will watch the movie is still an open question.