College Admission Follies

When we got home this afternoon, there were two thin envelopes waiting for Jeff. One was an opaque envelope from from a highly-selective private college, and one was a window envelope from the University of Oregon.

Naturally, he opened the opaque envelope first, but he didn’t find what we all expected to see. Instead, it was a letter telling him that decisions would be available on March 26th on their website, giving him the userid and password, and warning him not to lose the letter or he’d have to wait for the official letter after April 1.

We’re waiting to hear from one program at Oregon, but their letter was just an amusing letter from a Bay Area Student Ambassador describing how he’d been surprised to fall in love with the school and the area.

And when Jeff checked his email, he found an acceptance waiting for him from UC Davis.

I guess this sort of day is going to happen a lot over the next couple of weeks.