College Decision Time

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As Decision Day (May 1) got closer and closer, Jeff narrowed his choices to two: Tulane and UC Davis (oddly enough, the last two schools we visited). They were very different in some important ways (especially size), but both of them felt good to all of us, especially Jeff.

But in the end, size mattered, and Jeff chose Tulane this evening.

Though he nearly wasn’t able to close the deal — his school email was down, and that’s where they’d sent his userid and password. Fortunately, when we’d registered for Destination Tulane, they’d sent me a note with a link to the right place, so he was able to log in that way.

Two clicks later, it was my turn to participate. How did schools ever manage admission deposits before credit cards?

And then the deed was done, and Jeff was officially committed. A quick choice of preferred residence halls followed, and that was that.