Just the headlines

I’ve been less than chatty lately, whether here or on Twitter. No particular reason, other than having a lot to do at work, and trying to get back on the GTD wagon (with some success). So here’s an instant update of what’s near the top of my mind.

  • Jeff’s back from Israel, with hundreds of photos to be looked at and dealt with.
  • Today was Jeff’s last day of high school — graduation is Sunday.
  • Diane and I went to LA with a small group from Shir Hadash last weekend, and a good time was had (I can’t say if it was had by all, but I certainly enjoyed it).
  • I’m doing something very odd this year: reading all of the Hugo nominees, at least for novels (and maybe the shorter fiction, too). Perhaps I’ll even vote.
  • We joined the Fleming-Jenkins Wine Club today, while visiting their tasting room during its Grand Opening, and we enjoyed conversing with both principals (one of whom used to be Diane’s dermatologist — I’ll let you guess which one). Needless to say, we also enjoyed the wine.