Wikinomics, Expanded Edition: A brief review

Diane and Jeff gave me Wikinomics: How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything for Father’s Day, and I finally got around to reading it over the past week. It seemed familiar, and, after a while I realized that I had already read the original (getting it from the library), but it hadn’t made enough of an impression on me to recognize the book soon enough to exchange it.

Like Star Wars, the added material isn’t worth the extra running…err, reading…time. But the basic book is of interest, and the need for an enterprise to find a balance between proprietary and the commons is vital.

Worth a read, or at least a close skim.

2 thoughts on “Wikinomics, Expanded Edition: A brief review

  1. Hi, I have the 1st copy of this book but never read it. What’s new in the new book? Only an extra chapter or was new material added to more chapters?

  2. According to the book’s website, it’s a new introduction and a new chapter. I don’t know if they did any significant editing on the rest of the book — I’d have to have the two editions in the same place to compare them, and I don’t.


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