Some things work as advertised!

I just received an interesting email, dealing with a long-ago post here about turning off Capitol One credit-card solicitations:

Hello. I found your contact information in reference to the W3C, but I
am writing about the 11/19/01 entry in your blog. You wrote that you
called Capitol One at 1-888-817-2970 to opt out of receiving
solicitations, ending “…and if I’m lucky, I’ll be off their damn list
in two more days.”

Did it work?

For the last two months or so, my husband and I have been receiving mail
from Capitol One and like you I am tired of shredding. I found the same
number of their web site, but I’ve been afraid to try it, lest I end up
on their telemarketing list instead. (I found your blog by googling the
phone number.)

Would appreciate learning the result of your call.

I guess it must have worked, because I can’t remember the last time I got a solicitation from Capitol One.

Now, if I could find a way to get the airlines I use to stop soliciting me for their cards….