Simply amazing

Google has become part of my daily life, but every so often, I am still amazed by what it makes possible.

This morning, while washing some dishes, a tiny fragment of melody from my childhood popped into my head — it was a line from some novelty song that I think we’d sung in elementary school. I’d never known the name of the song, and all I could really remember of the lyrics was this:

[something] is a raccoon….always hungry, very hungry….he sings [something else]

I couldn’t get the little bit of music out of my head, so I wondered if I could find out what it was.

I typed “always hungry very hungry” raccoon into Google and got two results, both of which were from Japanese pages, and both of which had a bit more of the song in the translated search result fragment. I clicked on the first one and was greeted with a page of imperfectly translated Japanese; searching on “raccoon” brought me to an entry with this text:

this song is sung by Arthur kit

and with a picture of an Eartha Kitt album in the left margin of the entry:

So I went back to Google and typed Eartha Kitt raccoon; the second hit was this YouTube video-free video, with Eartha Kitt herself singing the song, Sho-Jo-Ji (the Hungry Raccoon).

Elapsed time from wondering to result: about 90 seconds.

There are times I wish I could Google the workings of my mind, but perhaps I’m better off not knowing myself that well!

One thought on “Simply amazing

  1. Too funny, David! That much help with the tickings of our brains might be a dangerous thing, indeed! The way the world works is changing before our very eyes!

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