The science is real

I was curious about the poster outside Amy’s lab in tonight’s episode of The Big Bang Theory. Thanks to the magic of HDTV and TiVo, I was able to read the title: “Quantized, spontaneous persisten activity in the entorhinal cortex in vivo”, the name of the lead author: James McFarland, and his institutional affiliation: Departments of Physics and Neuroscience, Brown University. From there, it was a short Google to his dissertation, and then to his page at the University of Maryland, where he is currently a postdoc.

I wonder how his poster got to the show.

Super Bowl Advertising Works!

I’ve just moved my last domain away from GoDaddy. I’d planned to do it last year after the elephant-shooting controversy, but I’d only gotten as far as setting up the appropriate DNS entries at NameCheap.

Yesterday’s GoDaddy Super Bowl ad reminded me to finish the job, and now all of my domains are at NameCheap.

There were a few ads I liked yesterday; Chrysler’s “Halftime in America” ad caught and held my attention, as did Chevy’s “Twinkies” spot, and I enjoyed Audi’s “Vampires”. Other than that…let’s just say that I’m glad the game was close.