Shelter-in-Place Journal, Day Twenty-One

What does one do on a wet early April day? Taxes, of course. I have put all of our income into TurboTax and now I am entering charitable contributions, which is a slow and painful process. For some reason, entering a charitable contribution in Turbo Tax requires me to fill out at least three screens – you’d think they were designing for 3270 terminals instead of a GUI environment. And even though they carry the list of charities along from year to year, I haven’t found any way to alphabetize them!

We did manage to get a couple of walks in during brief breaks in the rain (one of which was so brief that we got pretty wet anyway). I’d bought halibut yesterday, which we rarely cook, so I let Bing pick out a recipe to try; I did have to make a few adaptations to fit the ingredients on hand, but it came out pretty good (and, since we had bought gluten-free panko-style crumbs, I could make it again during Passover if I wanted).

And we called the travel agent who had coordinated the Japan/Korea trip we were supposed to be leaving on tomorrow and asked them to apply our credit to a Malta/Sicily trip next May – I’m hopeful that it will really happen.