Shelter-in-Place Journal, Day Thirty-Five

Five weeks down, how many to go?

I spent most of the day working on code – for fun, of course! The weather was not conducive to walking, but we took our usual two long walks anyway (and got drizzled on for our troubles).

We felt lazy at lunchtime, so we ordered from Panera Bread; I was going to have it delivered, but the quoted time was 45-50 minutes versus 10 minutes to pick up the food ourselves – we drove. They brought the food out to the car as soon as we pulled up – nice and smooth.

The sewing light on Diane’s sewing machine burned out last week; needless to say, Sears no longer carries it. But someone on eBay named klanddj has a good supply of NOS (new old stock) bulbs and now we have two in hand. Our friend Sarah also sent Diane some bias tape and it arrived today – there are more masks in our future.

And it’s been more than two days since I’ve seen a dropped packet; I hope I can safely give Comcast back their modem, which is still in its shrink-wrap. I just have to figure out how. But that’s for tomorrow.