Shelter-in-Place Journal, Day Thirty-Nine

It was a much less busy day today than yesterday – no need to call Apple, Chase, or anyone!

We got a shipping notice for Diane’s new iPhone SE; unlike all of the other Apple products we’ve ordered in the past few years, the origin of the shipment isn’t Shanghai – it’s Rialto, California. But at this point, all that FedEx shows is “Shipment Information Sent to FedEx”, so the phone could be almost anywhere.

I got back to editing and culling photos; I only got through a few days’ worth from 2001, but I found an amazing number of true duplicates, as well as lots of near-duplicates. Culling is fun!

We watched the final installment of From the Files of Denmark Metro live – there was a little chatter in the chat window, but nothing like the feedback you get in person. It’s a fun little comedy – worth the hour or so, especially if you like Shakespeare. Episode Three hasn’t been posted as I type this, but it will be up soon.

Shabbat Shalom!