Shelter-in-Place Journal, Day Forty-One

We left early (or so we thought) for the Farmers’ Market, but when we got there, the line for the fish lady extended well into the park, about ten customers deep – and the line for the good strawberry vendor was close to a block long! We waited for fish, then quickly picked up some falafel and blueberries and left the market.

I spent most of the afternoon culling photos, mostly from Hong Kong. The next batch will start with our son’s fifth-grade “graduation” to middle school – today, we noticed several houses with signs marking their children’s fifth-grade promotion since they won’t have a ceremony.

And this evening, we watched a strange Israeli-French movie, Jellyfish. I’m not sure I can describe it – I knew it was going to be strange, but it exceeded my expectations. We borrowed it from the Jewish Community Library – you can see it on Amazon Prime.