Shelter-in-Place Journal, Day Fifty-One

The morning started with a thud – I must have enjoyed the food from La Esquina too much, because my weight was up four pounds overnight! Too much chips and salsa, probably – I’ll stay away from the leftover chips for a while and see what happens.

Diane got bad news from Apple, too – they’d looked at her old iPhone SE and set its trade-in value at zero because the camera didn’t work well. She wasn’t surprised; this was the fourth camera for this particular phone. The first one failed while we were in Amsterdam, where they couldn’t help her because it was a US phone but Apple fixed it as soon as we got home; she’d paid for two more replacements because the camera kept developing funny spots, and it was doing it again when she sent the phone away. I just hope the new iPhone SE behaves better.

I had to do some plumbing repair, but it was easier than I’d feared. One of our toilets started running yesterday – the flapper wouldn’t seal. I turned it off and let the water leak out of the tank, then took out the flapper, assuming I’d need to go to the hardware store and replace it. But I noticed it was caked with green deposits (probably copper, at least I hope so); I scraped them off and put it back, and it seems to be behaving, so I get to stay away from the hardware store a little longer – these days, I really don’t want to go somewhere for only one thing!

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