Shelter-in-Place Journal, Day 109

As we’ve added more days to our timeline (how’s that for not saying “gotten older”?), Diane and I have both had to add some prescription medicines to our daily diet. Fortunately, most of them haven’t had significant side effects.

Diane had to renew one of those medicines, dicyclomine, today. It’s a generic; in the past, it’s been very inexpensive (in fact, there was no co-pay when she got her last batch in November). But when she went to pick up her order today, the price was well north of $250 for a 90-day supply!

Luckily, we’d just read an article about using discount cards to lower the price of prescriptions. I did a quick web search and found that if I used the free Singlecare card, the price dropped to $20 (still not free, but reasonable ); a few minutes later, we walked out of the store with the pills and most of our money.

The receipt that came with the pills showed a list price of $357.99. I wonder who pays full list?

The medical payment system in this country is completely insane.

One thought on “Shelter-in-Place Journal, Day 109

  1. The ones that pay the full price are the elderly folks that have no internet, and those that generally don’t have access to as much information. Basically, the ones that can least afford it. Sad but true.

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