Shelter-in-Place Journal, Day 112

It was back to the JCC for outdoor personal training this morning – they’ve set up a mini-TRX and we used that for the first time in more than 112 days; I expect to feel it tomorrow.

After that, we made a bonus shopping trip to Safeway to refresh our white wine supply – and as long as we were there, we also picked up some milk and salad dressing and rice. And tequila. And blue curaçao. And Lindy’s Italian ice (which is no threat to Ralph’s, or even Rita’s). And we even found Clorox wipes and our preferred brand of toilet paper! Going early seems to be a win.

I ordered yet another webcam (Amcrest AWC2198) on Friday so we wouldn’t have to move the one we had between the family room and the office several times a week; it arrived today and seems to work fine – we’ll use it on our trivia team call tomorrow and see if anyone notices the difference. I also got an Echo Show for the kitchen to make it easier to have multiple timers running at once while we’re cooking – of course, dinner tonight didn’t need any timers other than the shutoff timer on the convection oven, but I’m sure it’ll be useful soon.

That’s my story and I’m sticking with it.