Shelter-in-Place Journal, Day 144

I put what I hope are the final touches on the special COVID-19 version of the Shir Hadash High Holy Day Honors programs; I’m awaiting final approval of the emails from the Temple President.

The Raspberry Pi W Zero to replace the one I fried last Saturday arrived; I tested it and made sure that it boots up and can talk to the house Wi-Fi. Tomorrow or Sunday, I’ll hook it up to the alarm system – very carefully.

I checked the other Raspberry Pi that I thought I had fried on the off chance that it had come back to life. It hadn’t. I saved its case and put the board in the e-waste bag in the garage for eventual recycling.

We upgraded both iPhones and my iPad to 13.6.

I’m sure there are more exciting days to come, but having a relaxed day was welcome, even if it doesn’t make for interesting writing.