Shelter-in-Place Journal, Day 188

Technology has not been our friend for the past couple of days. Soon after we awoke yesterday, our alarm system started going “Ping!” every minute or so. Fortunately, the panel display made the problem clear – one of the sensors had a low battery, and I had exactly one battery of the right kind (123) in hand.

Soon after we woke today, one of the smoke detectors began croaking at us every minute – it, too, had a low battery. And I had a replacement in hand (a standard 9V battery). I decided to change all of the smoke detector batteries at the same time and discovered that I didn’t have enough, so it was off to Ace Hardware to pick up a few.

I changed the offending battery, but when I went to the next smoke detector, I discovered it had expired (they have a 10-year life). So it was back to Ace to buy three new smoke detectors, complete with 10-year batteries that I can’t change; I think I’ll keep the receipt in case the batteries don’t live up to their promise.

And in the meantime, one of our window sensors decided not to tell the alarm that the window was properly closed; I took out its battery for a few hours, then put it back in and the sensor worked. The window is open now – it’ll be interesting to find out if it tells the truth when we next close it.