Shelter-in-Place Journal, Day 194

No trips to the ER or doctors today, and my vision seems to be stable, so that’s good.

I edited two days’ worth of photos from Greece to give to Diane. The culling and editing and geotagging in Lightroom all worked, but we’ve had some issues getting my pictures into her copy of Photos:

  • Photos doesn’t honor the timezone written in the exported JPEGs from Lightroom – instead, it insists on interpreting the times as Pacific Daylight Time. Once we figured that out, it was fairly easy to fix (right after importing the photos, go to Image/Adjust Date and Time and set the time zone to “Athens – Greece”. That causes Photos to move the timestamp forward by 10 hours (so a photo with a timestamp of noon gets set to 10pm), so then we have to change the timestamp back to the original timestamp. After doing that dance, the imported pictures interleave properly with the ones already in her Photos library.
  • The other problem seems to be on the Lightroom side. When I import a photo from the iPhone (in HEIC format – not sure about JPEG), Lightroom shows its location in its GPS fields, but when I export the photo to give to Diane, I have to convert to JPEG, and the GPS data doesn’t get written to the output photo. BUT pictures that I took with my camera in RAW format and geotagged with HoudahSpot DO keep their GPS data when Lightroom writes them out as JPEGs.

I am very confused. Maybe sleeping on the problem will help.