Shelter-in-Place Journal, Day 199

The air has been bad all day today, but it was just barely clean enough this morning to let us go out on walks (Diane went during my Toastmasters meeting, and I went afterwards). That would have been it for actual exercise if I hadn’t also had a stress echocardiogram scheduled – I think being put on a treadmill and told to walk as long as possible as they keep increasing the speed and elevation counts as exercise, don’t you? I even remembered to start a workout on my Apple Watch so I’d get credit!

My cardiologist was happy with the results, and I was happy to go get lunch afterwards. I don’t think she would have been happy with my choice – tri-tip sandwich and fries – but it sure tasted good! I thought about eating it on one of the outside tables at the restaurant, but the air discouraged me, so I brought it home.

No new progress on fixing my photo workflow issues, but they didn’t stop me from making a first editing pass on photos from Rhodes – here’s a photo of the Mosaic of Poseidon and the Giant Polybotes from the Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Malta as proof.