Shelter-in-Place Journal, Day 200

I just discovered that, technically speaking, I’ve been using the wrong title for these blog entries since July 2, 2020 (Day 108), when Santa Clara County replaced its Shelter-in-Place Order with a Risk Reduction Order. “Risk Reduction Journal” just doesn’t have the right feeling, so I’m going to stick with “Shelter-in-Place Journal”, at least until we spend a night away from home.

If this had been a normal year, Diane would have been spending tonight away from home, at a multi-day “Pixels 2 Pages” session, probably at a hotel in Morgan Hill. But since it’s 2020, she’s attending from home – she’s been in the office on Zoom all day. At least we were able to have lunch and dinner together!

And it may be just as well that we were together – the software she’s using (Forever Artisan) is Windows-only. The SSD on her laptop filled up just before lunch, and we spent a while carving out enough space to let her continue working. We got rid of a lot of Windows cruft, and I discovered that I still had my Dropbox folder on her machine, along with Quicken backup files from two years ago and the like – after clearing that out, she’s got 23GB available, which should get her through the weekend. 256 GB seemed like a lot of storage when we bought the laptop, but it’s clearly insufficient – time for an external drive so she can move completed projects and resource kits off the SSD.

This marks 200 days in a row that I’ve written a blog entry. Not all of them have been gems, but I hope they’ve mostly been worth reading. My IBM colleague, Jessica Wu Ramirez, suggested I insert animated confetti to celebrate hitting this milestone, and I’m always eager to respond to reader requests (especially when the reader provides all the information needed!), so Jessica, this is for you!