Shelter-in-Place Journal, Day 205

I copied the Windows virtual machine I’d created on the MacBook Air to my substantially faster MacBook Pro and was shocked and appalled to find it unable to keep up with my typing. I’d created a fancy curved path in Artisan to hold text the text – but some of my keystrokes were being dropped, and others were being doubled or tripled.

I thought that something had gone wrong when I copied the virtual machine, so I rebuilt it from scratch on the Pro, and it didn’t work any better. In desperation, I tried Notepad, and it couldn’t keep up, either!

A little searching brought up this thread on the VirtualBox forum; I applied the fix (changing a property in a hidden sub-application of VirtualBox), and it seems to have fixed the problem – now any typos are my fault.

We had a schedule conflict tonight – we had to choose between watching the Vice-Presidential debate or playing a previously-scheduled online trivia game. We went with the trivia – everyone who participated was trying to give correct answers, which does not seem to have been the case at the debate. Our TiVo captured the debate for us, so we have the option of watching it, but we’ve already seen the fly, so the surprise is gone.