Shelter-in-Place Journal, Day 215

It was the first day of Torah Study for 5781; we are studying the Haftarot this year. Rabbi Aron gave us an introduction to the Haftarot in general (for example, the large range of regional variations in the choice of Haftarah for a particular Shabbat), but we didn’t actually get to this week’s Haftarah! Maybe next week….

Yesterday, the Los Gatos Public Library told me that their copy of Looney Tunes Golden Collection: Volume 3 had gone missing, so I turned to the San Jose Public Library. They didn’t have the Golden Collection, but they said they had the Platinum Collection: Volume 2, which had “Duck! Rabbit! Duck!”, and they emailed me today to come get it.

I inserted Disc 2, which had the cartoon I wanted to see. I was greeted with the unstoppable “this is culturally wrong but worth watching anyway” disclaimer and then the main menu. I selected a cartoon; the screen went black…and that was it.

I even upgraded the firmware in my Blu-Ray player – it didn’t help. I can play some of the features on Disc 2; I can play Disc 1 just fine. But not the cartoons on Disc 2.

A friend had offered to loan me his copy of the Golden Collection, but I thought I’d see if I could find the cartoon online. YouTube has excerpts, but not the whole thing – but a wider search paid off.

If I wanted to see it again, I’d buy the Blu-Ray from Amazon (it’s only $10), but the mandatory ads and disclaimers are awfully discouraging.