Shelter-in-Place Journal, Day 223

The National Weather Service issued a Red Flag Warning (extreme fire danger and very high winds) for tonight and tomorrow. PG&E has turned off power to tens of thousands of customers (mostly in the hills) around the Bay (not us). The news reports included suggestions that everyone have a go-bag packed and be ready to go – so we packed our bags this afternoon, just in case.

We also responded to the suggestions that everyone get their flu shots before the end of October – we went to Pharmaca in Downtown Los Gatos because it’s more pleasant than CVS or Safeway. It didn’t hurt that I had a $10 coupon for my birthday, that they gave us each a $5 coupon for getting vaccinated there, and they have a good selection of chocolate. I think we spent longer deciding on the chocolate than it took to get the vaccinations!

And in the interest of preparedness, Diane put the new chocolate in the go-bag. We’re ready!