Shelter-in-Place Journal, Day 233

I didn’t sleep well on Monday night, awakening at 3am Tuesday morning with worries about what the day would bring.

Yesterday, I tried to limit my time looking at the news or social media; we watched the last episode of Schitt’s Creek, the live Colbert Late Show, and an old Whose Line is it Anyway. Two of the three were worth watching; Colbert wasn’t very funny because he, his guests, the situation, and the audience were all very tense. Whose Line helped relax me, but I did check the situation just before going to bed – the only hopeful thing was that 45 hadn’t claimed victory yet.

I fell asleep right away…only to wake up at 3am, worried about what the day had brought and what lay ahead. I stayed in bed as much as I could and refused to turn on a screen, but there wasn’t much sleep to be had.

When I did finally look at the news this morning, it was more hopeful, and it’s gotten more and more hopeful through the day. I hope to sleep better tonight!