Pandemic Journal, Day 473

This morning got off to a good start – I could smell garlic coming from Gilroy when I went out to pick up the paper. I had breakfast and was ready to make coffee. But the grinder wasn’t working right – I couldn’t get the lid to sit properly, and it felt funny when I turned the handle.

I disassembled it and found that I’d broken a plastic washer (almost the only plastic part!) when I last cleaned it. There was no way to fix it that I could figure out (remember, I hadn’t had coffee yet!). But then Diane reminded me that I had an old Hario grinder that I’d kept when I bought this one four years ago, so I dug it out, only to discover that I hadn’t bothered to clean it before putting it away.

I had managed to get a little coffee ground before I gave up, so I brewed a VERY small cup, cleaned the Hario, and ordered a replacement grinder, which arrived right after dinner, so I’m all set for tomorrow morning.

After that, the rest of the day went swimmingly – we Zoomed to services and visited friends for a pool party with at least a dozen people! Our hosts have some beautiful roses in their yard which I couldn’t resist photographing.

All in all a good, relaxing day. And tomorrow, there WILL be coffee!