Pandemic Journal, Day 536

It’s been a quiet day – I continued to cull photos from August 5th (I’ve gotten rid of 140 of 202 so far, and I’ll probably dump another ten to twenty photos on the next pass). When we sailed out of Heimaey harbor, I noticed an interesting metal sculpture and wondered what it was – it turns out to be a navigation light!

I also chatted with a couple of my classmates about our upcoming reunion, which reminded me to check my flights – and sure enough, Delta had changed our flight home again, adding another stop. I can’t change the flight online for some reason, so I’m currently waiting for agents on the phone and on their web chat to see if they can get me on a better flight. The expected wait on the phone is “under 2 hours” and the web chat offers no clue – I think I’ll be trying again tomorrow.