Pandemic Journal, Day 554

I’m on the Shir Hadash Board this year; we have a monthly meeting on the third Wednesday of the month. This month, though, we had to postpone by a week to avoid having the meeting fall on Yom Kippur – and that put us squarely in the middle of Sukkot.

It is a commandment to dwell in the Sukkah (booth) – or at least to eat there during the holiday – so the Board had dinner together in the congregation’s Sukkah before our meeting. Dinner was supplied by Oren’s Hummus and it was quite tasty!

In a normal year, we would have each taken a turn at shaking the lulav and enjoying the scent of the etrog, but this year, that would have also involved gloves and hand sanitizer, so Rabbi Schwartz did it and we all watched.

The Board meeting was inside, with masks mandatory. Oh, well…back to reality.