Pandemic Journal, Day 645

This morning, I listened to the most recent episode of the Automators podcast, where they were talking about Focus Modes on Macs and iPhones and how to use them. One of the topics was setting up a Shortcut to run automatically when you enter (or leave) a Focus Mode, and that was something I wanted to be able to do when I meditate.

So I spent the morning updating my iPhone, iPad, and my laptop. Now, when I enter “Mindfulness” mode, my watch face updates – but the rest of the process (setting a timer, mostly) doesn’t seem to be happening. Fortunately, I didn’t delete my old “Meditate” Shortcut, so I didn’t have to reconstruct it. And tonight, I’ll update my Apple Watch and I’m sure all will be well tomorrow, right?

I spent a good part of the rest of the day editing photos from our trips to Richmond and Boston; it had been a while since I sat down at Lightroom and I had to reconstruct some of that workflow. This time, I wrote it down – and even updated the script I use to extract photos from Apple Photos to get them ready for Lightroom so that it handles some infrequent oddities instead of requiring me to handle them manually.

No new photos today, but I edited this photo of a rose from Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden in Richmond today, so I feel justified in including it.