Pandemic Journal, Day 658

One of our first dates was seeing the RPI Players’ production of Sweet Charity at the RPI Playhouse. Diane and I have seen many plays together since then, and have been back in the Playhouse for a few Reunion dinners, but tonight was the first time since 1976 that we’ve seen the Players perform, even if it was neither live nor in person.

Back in November, I happened to be looking at the Polytechnic and saw a story about the Players’ production of Clue on Stage; it was their first production since the pandemic began. They made it available online for a short time, so I downloaded it and we watched it tonight.

It’s not a very deep play, but it was a good choice for an evening’s entertainment. We’ll probably watch the movie sometime and see how the two productions compare. I’ll bet the actors in the movie weren’t wearing masks!