Pandemic Journal, Day 691

Diane and I attended Torah Study this morning; the portion was Terumah (gifts or donations). It calls on the Israelites to bring specific items to be used to build a portable Sanctuary where God can “dwell among them”. We had a lively discussion about what that meant, looking especially at the I-Thou relationship that Martin Buber espoused. It was a good start to the day.

Diane spent most of the rest of the day at the virtual crop, learning new techniques for working with photos and building photo books and other goodies.

I had a more varied (and probably more restful) day – I was Zoom host for Shir Shabbat services, then I took a long wander around the neighborhood to ensure I’d hit my calorie goal for the day. And I got caught up (a little) on magazines. I even saw a couple of ducks in the creek nearby.

I also did a little light Google Sheets work for the Silver Tongued Cats to fix up a spreadsheet I’d created and make it a little more resilient to changes in the club roster. The details are not very interesting – suffice it to say that ArrayFormula is a useful tool that I wish I’d known about a few months ago.