Pandemic Journal, Day 717

Today began, as usual for a Thursday, with a Toastmasters meeting. We only had one speech today – one of our members led a panel discussion about the “Journey to Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM),” and I was one of the two Distinguished Toastmasters on the panel. The other DTM was the District Club Growth Director for this year; his comments were loaded with references to other, even more senior, Toastmasters who he’s been interacting with. I didn’t start out talking about other DTMs, but I found myself talking about some of my mentors and colleagues as we continued – I guess peer pressure had an effect on me. The questions we got from the audience were on point and I think the panel was helpful to our listeners.

I had a few other meetings on my calendar for today, and it seemed that I spent the rest of the day trying to get things done before the next meeting. First it was a frantic trip to the chiropractor before he closed for lunch, then a quick walk before I was scheduled to mentor another Toastmaster, and then making dinner before our weekly Trivial Zoom session.

Tomorrow should be more relaxed – I hope to get back to working on Homebridge, too.