Day 800

We got a few things accomplished today.

I wrote the speech I’m going to give at Toastmasters tomorrow.

I finally got the replacement crown installed for my dental implant (it broke more than 9 weeks ago; the replacement came in just after we left for the East Coast and then I had to postpone the installation twice for Covid).

Both of us got a haircut.

Each of us got a “fit to fly” letter from our doctor which should save us from needing an antigen test to come back to the US for the next two trips we’ve got planned.

We even updated the various painkillers in our travel kit, which required a trip to Target. I was astonished at how much less generic painkillers cost at Target than they do at CVS, especially since Target’s pharmacy is run by CVS.

I thought about not posting today because my day was so uninteresting, but that would have made today interesting and so I’d’ve felt compelled to post!