Both of us managed to stay awake until after 9 last night and we didn’t get up until after 6, something vaguely like a normal schedule.

I woke up sometime after midnight and had to use the bathroom – I clearly wasn’t completely awake, though, because I distinctly remember being guided there through gilded hallways, and then when I was trying to go back to bed, I couldn’t figure out the way and had to turn on the lights briefly (Diane slept through that, if it was real).

Yesterday’s Heathrow excitement could have been worse. I had asked AmaWaterways to rebook us on the flight to San Jose to avoid the short connection at Heathrow, but they couldn’t do it; just as well, because BA cancelled yesterday’s flight to San Jose.

We took a couple of walks today, picked up the mail, and bought groceries for the next couple of days – nothing terribly taxing.

I did succeed in fixing a technical problem, though – I have a Raspberry Pi that uses a SDR-433 to decode the temperature being sent by our outdoor thermometer so I can look at it remotely. The temperature stopped being updated while we were away, and I didn’t know why. I unplugged the SDR-433 and plugged it back in to see if the program would notice; for some reason, that made the Pi reboot and when it came back, all was well.