Winging it

The theme of the Silver Tongued Cats meeting today was “Preparation or Lack Thereof” (our Toastmaster had been drafted to present at a conference for her job and didn’t have time to work on the meeting until yesterday).

I was on the schedule to speak today and didn’t really have a good plan for my speech until I got the meeting theme, and realized that it had given me a handle for the mandatory “Introduction to Toastmasters Mentoring” project. I decided to talk about being mentored as I learned improv – not about the skills of improvising, but about the “Yes, and!” outlook that improv is built upon.

I’ve given more organized talks, but I think that the title gave fair warning: “Winging It”.

Late this afternoon, I got back to working on Home Assistant; I have the alarm system and the Insteon switches defined and more-or-less functional. For some reason, the system thinks all of the Insteon keypads have 6 buttons rather than 8, so I’ll have to convince it of the truth. But not tonight.