Shabbat is what you make of it

The JCC is trying to encourage members to come in and exercise this month – if you workout there eight times during February, you get some merch. We usually work out there twice a week, which would make it easy to qualify – but next week, we’ll be in Hawaii.

So we got up early and worked out this morning before Torah Study; it wasn’t a bad way to start Shabbat.

After Torah Study, we took a walk to the nearby Amazon Locker and picked up the remote case I’d mentioned in Thursday’s blog entry. The case provides much-needed bulk, friction, and visibility for the Samsung remote, which I hope not to have to fish out of the couch again!

One advantage of going to Hawaii in February is that there’s very little overlap between the clothes we’ll be wearing there and what we’re wearing here, so we were able to pack almost everything this afternoon (we have a Lyft scheduled for 5am on Monday, another reason we got up early this morning). It feels very strange to be packed so far in advance!