If it’s raining, I must be on the computer

The last few days have been mostly rainy, so I’ve been doing things on the computer (as if I wouldn’t have been doing things on the computer anyway).

I got most of the District 101 Toastmasters code back in operation and talked with someone who would like to get involved in maintaining and improving it.

I fixed a “nonce error” in the code I use to extract selected entries from Tripit and put them on my Google calendar. The “nonce error” seems to happen if my code sends requests too quickly; I’d tried to fix it a few weeks ago by trapping the error, sleeping for a second and retrying the failed request, but the fix didn’t do anything. I found out the problem yesterday – a comment saying “Sleep a second” is not nearly as effective as actually calling the function to sleep a second.

We did manage a few walks between the storms (and during the storms, too!), so it wasn’t a completely sedentary weekend. And our neighbor’s tulips are blooming already, which is a nice sign.