We are entertained

Last night’s Green Show featured Tempest playing Celtic folk-rock, one of my favorite kinds of music (don’t ask how many Steeleye Span and Fairport Convention albums I own). I bought one of their CD’s; I think my car has a CD player so we can hear it on the way home on Friday.

The main event for the evening was Twelfth Night, set in the 1920s with a blues theme. All of the music was excellent and peformed well; the Fool (Feste), played by Arielle Crosby did most of the singing and was fantastic. I was really amused when the cast broke into the Macarena at one point; apparently, there were some BeyoncĂ© songs, too, but I didn’t recognize them! If you’re coming to Ashland this season, see this production – but be sure to rent a blanket before the play starts, because it got pretty cool during the second act!