It pays to write reviews!

I wanted a fast charging cable for my Apple Watch to add to my travel kit before going to Kauai earlier this month. Best Buy had their own brand on sale for $10 less than the Apple cable and most of the reviews were very favorable, so I bought the Best Buy cable, only to discover that the cable only charged my watch at normal (slow) speed. I took my Apple cable with me on the trip.

Today, I brought the cable back to Best Buy, got a refund, and bought the Apple cable for the travel kit so I’ll have it for our next trip.

I wrote a 2-star review of the Best Buy cable on their site; after I submitted it, the site asked me to write reviews of other recent purchases, like the new Mac mini I’d bought in November. I was curious to find out what other people were writing in their reviews, so I went to the Mac mini’s page and discovered that it was on sale for $60 less than I’d paid for it two weeks ago!

Best Buy has a good price-matching policy, including price protection (at least during the holiday season), so I opened a chat to request the current price – five minutes later, I had the refund.

I still haven’t written the review of the Mac mini.